Sunday, June 3, 2012

National Zoo and random wanderings

Once upon a time, Christian and I decided to go to the Zoo. We saw lions, and tigers, and bears- oh my!
 Christian's favorites were the elephant and the turtles.
 Meanwhile, I took a shining to this big guy. Isn't he adorable?!!
 After the zoo, we started wandering around downtown. Christian loved the architecture of the Old Post Office building and Ben Franklin's statue in front.
 We decided we needed to take a bunch of pics with the Washington monument too. We wanted to touch it, but it's roped off. Lame. But still good photo moments!
 Christian's patriotic moment :)
 My goofy moment :P
And one of the two of us. A wonderful day to wander through the city, see new things, and go a little crazy with the camera. Good times!!

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  1. Dearest Jennie,

    We must talk soon because I miss you and I would much like to know about delightsome wanderings and happy happenings in the East. Life in the West is happy, but there are no elephants.

    Claire (and Nick)