Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mud Butt the turtle

Once upon a time we were driving on the back roads of Maryland...
 We happened upon a turtle crossing the road and decided to name him Mud Butt.
 Mud Butt was quite shy at first and didn't want to come out of his shell.
But with a little coaxing, he emerged and gave us a smile.
We eventually bade good bye to our little friend and he quickly escaped into the bushes on the road side. Live long and prosper my turtle friend :)


  1. Love you Jen!! I do a lot of smiling when I read your blog lately. I hope you are doing a lot of smiling too.

  2. Jen. I have missed you so much! You've got to call or text and let's catch up!!! A lot is changing here, looks like a lot is changing there too!