Monday, July 1, 2013

Krista's Engagement Party

An Engagement Party weekend wouldn't be complete without a trip kayaking before the actual preparations began :)
 So kayak we did down in St. Mary's county near where Krista lives. Isn't it a pretty little place?? This is near to where Krista will actually be married, so it related...mostly :)
 The intrepid kayakers :)
 As fun as kayaking was, we did end up also throwing the party the next day for Krista and Ryan. We spent the morning gathering fresh foods from the Amish market and then cutting up a feast!
 The happy couple. I made it my job to man the kitchen so they could socialize. Win win for all :)
The coworkers who made the long drive to Krista's and partied with us. It was a fun group! I even won a round of post party beer pong...could have been cuz I was the only sober one at the time, but the victory still stands! Thanks Krista for being a great friend and I can't wait for your actually marriage!