Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bull Run Mtn Hike!

Last Saturday Andrea and I decided we didn't care it was raining, hopped in the car, and drove to Bull Run Mountain for some hiking!
 Mountain might be a generous term as the summit was only 1300 feet, but it still felt wonderful to be out in the forest. And what a view from the top! Because it was raining, when we emerged on the granite cliffs overlooking the valley, it felt like we had fallen into the primordial world! I kept expecting to see dinosaurs pop out of the trees :)
A random collage of some pictures from the summit. Love the one in the middle of Andrea staring off into the distance :)
I may not be your typical tree hugger, but I love me my forests and hiking always makes any day a thousand times better!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kayaking with Krista!

Last Friday I had a chance to go kayaking with my friend, Krista. First time going, and I must admit I'm hooked!!
 Here we are all vested up and ready to hit the water. We went in the Chesapeake Bay, near Piney Point.
 Here we paddled amidst the local wildlife. I'd never seen a jellyfish in real life before!
 And when we beached on a sandbar for lunch, we ran into this little guy. He's so cute! I have this thing for turtles :)
 We managed to spend some time swimming around, whilst avoiding the jellyfish. Although our friend Erin did have a little minnow swim down her...well you can guess :)
 Piney Point lighthouse. I love lighthouses!! This one was so picturesque too.
And of course, I had to ring the bell. How could I not when they put that mallet so temptingly close to it?? It was a beautiful day on the water, with great company, and great memories. Thank you Krista!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dawsha Days and Fourth of July

The end of June and the beginning of July brought a visit from Dawsha!! The first day she was here we went to King's Dominion, which was awesome, and then the power went out that night. Little did we know, it would be off for 3 very long, hot days!!
 But Dawsha was a good sport about it and we made the best of things by escaping from the hot house to the hot outdoors :) At least here, at Swains Lock, we had the lovely Potomac River and part of the old C&O canal to keep us entertained!
 Fortunately, by the fourth of July, the power was restored and we journey downtown to enjoy the fireworks...along with the rest of the city it seemed :) Quite crowded, but we still had fun. This is Betsy, Seth, and Dawsha.
 I felt very patriotic watching the fireworks light up the sky from my view at the Jefferson Memorial. Amazing to see those lights along side all the monuments on the Mall.
 Me, Betsy, and Dawsha in front of the Jefferson memorial before the start of the show. I had such fun times with these ladies!!
 Sadly, Dawsha lef the next day, but Eve and I went on Saturday the 7th up to Antietam. They do an annual patriotic concert and fireworks display. They even shoot off live cannon during the Overture of 1812 performance. It was quite hot that day walking around the battlefield, but luckly we had a friend, Heston, who lived nearby and rescued us from the worst of the days heat. Very fun day!!!
I love history and I'm learning so much more about the Civil War being out here. I'm loving seeing all these places I've only read about. Minus the whole humidity thing, I'm really enjoying my time out east!!