Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Short Sunday Stroll

 This past Sunday, Andrea and I decided to visit the MD side of Great Falls along the Potomac River.
 The C&O Canal goes along this side of the river, and it was fun seeing so many still working locks along our path.
 I love the sounds and sights of cascading water!
 It was a gorgeous area for a Sunday stroll...
until it started to pour! In 5 minutes we were completely drenched, and I loved every minute of it!! Sometimes it's fun to feel like a little kid again. Best walk ever :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Across the USA And Shelly's Wedding

 Once upon a time, my little sister decided to get married. So this DCite had to find a way across the country to SLC. Fortunately, her friend was driving back to UT at the same time, so they made it an epic road trip!
 Never ones to be traditional, they first headed north to explore Palmyra New York. Beautiful day in the Sacred Grove!
 Next, they journied west to Niagara Falls. It's true what they say, the Canadian side definitely has better views then the US side. So amazing! I was giddy just listening to the sounds of the crashing water.
 From Niagara Falls, they crossed several midwestern states and finally found their way to lovely Colorado. Once there, they climbed up some boulders in Woodland Park and rejoiced at escaping from the car for awhile.
 A few friends made this layover a bundle of laughs. The gorgeous scenery helped a bit too :)
Amazingly enough, they reached their destination with plenty of time to make it to Shelly's wedding. I'm so happy that my little sissy has found the man of her dreams. Good luck with life Shelly and Ben! Love you forever!