Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Prince Edward Island

O Canada! Rosie and I finished our northern journey with a visit to Prince Edward Island. Both of us had been enchanted by "Anne of Green Gables" as girls, and now we had the chance to make some Anne memories for ourselves :)
 The island is as beautiful as L.M. Montgomery describes. I loved the way the the ocean and the wind have carved out life there. So amazing!
 It was rather windy and chilly along the northern shore, but we didn't mind. The views were worth it!
 We even stopped by the recreated village of Avonlea. We found ourselves a Gilbert...well for a few moments anyway :)
 I think we could pull these off. Am I right, or am I right?
 Avonlea was a pantheon of Anne moments, from our walk in the haunted forest to our dressing up in the clothing store. We'd actually listened to the book on the way the PEI, so everything around us was fresh in our memories as we wandered about.
 Our forested walk in Avonlea was my favorite. So peaceful and serene. Even though Anne imagined it as her haunted woods, to me it was a tranquil walk through inspiring nature.
 Everywhere we went I felt like I was surrounded by beauty. I wanted to buy every house that was for sale. I could learn to speak with a Canadian accent, eh :)
I always love the lighthouses. So glad we were able to have this epic adventure and I can't wait to experience more of life along this eastern coast!