Sunday, September 9, 2012


Being the huge history buff that I am, this place has been on my list as long as I can remember. Finally I was able to go up with Katie and Andrea and spend a day at this memorable site.
 We toured the museum for a couple hours, then got in the car for an audio tour around the entire battlefield. We got out at most of the stops for a look around and a photo op :)
 This is on the Confederate side of the lines and I'm maning the cannon laying cover fire before Pickett's charge. So awesome to be standing in the places I've heard about so much!
 At a memorial for the 20th Maine- Union regiment and my personal heroes of the battle!
 Katie, me, and Andrea on the Union side of the lines where the last big Confederate push took place.
 Gazing across the fields where once were strewn men from both sides of the war. It was awe-inspiring, somber, thought provoking, and thrilling all at once. Hard to accurately depict the range of emotions I felt that day.
We ended the day on a happy note at this little hole in the wall burger joint. Yummy and so very pro-republican. It was fun :) So glad I was able at last to see Gettysburg!! Love me some history!