Sunday, May 30, 2010

Last Days in Chicago

The last couple of days in Chicago were awesome and I didn't want to leave! It was so fun just spending some more time with some of my favorite people! P.S. I will take full credit for Lily's cuteness in the above picture- she was smiling at me :)
Lily found a new favorite "chair" in my arms. Minus the barfing, she sure is fun to hold!
Brooklyn was her amusing self as always. Who knew strawberries made such good blush?
On Monday night, Kevin was a stud and watched the girls so Naomi and I could go to dinner and a movie- literally, we ate dinner while watching the movie! Love that theater- genius! It was fun to spend some time just me and Omi.
Tuesday night we got a sitter and took a trip to the Chicago Temple. The workers were so nice, and since we were some of the only patrons there we got showered with attention! It's a beautiful temple. Thanks for taking me along! I didn't want to leave on Wednesday, and my only consolation is that in September Naomi and I are running a race in NH and taking a road trip with the girls. I miss you guys already! Thanks for letting me stay and play with you :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fun to Dye For

A typical morning at Naomi's- getting to spend some quality time with Brooklyn and Lily. I would like to think that Lily is absorbing my laid back attitude.
Kevin went to Michigan over the weekend and left us carless, so we decided that it would be a good idea to dye my hair. Yup. And we did it too :) Hard to see in the pictures because my hair glows redder in any light, but I went from a darker blonde to an ash brown. Not a big change, but baby steps :) Now Brooklyn definitely looks like she belongs to me :P
After the dye party, we decided to get out of the house and walk to a nearby park. We had tons of fun on the swings and slides- and just watching Brooklyn is a hoot! She managed to attract the attentions of a 4.5 year old boy also playing there. If I had her charisma, I'd be going out every night! Always a party with these girls :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fun Times in Chicago!

Vacation!! I'm lucky enough to be out in Lisle (suburb of Chicago) with Naomi, Kevin, Brooklyn, and Lily for 2 whole weeks and it's been awesome! Lots of just hanging out with Naomi and the girls at home, but we've gotten out and done some cool stuff too. One such visit was to the DuPage Children's Museum in Naperville. I wish I had one when I was little!
Brooklyn was a kick running from activity to activity, and I found it entertaining just to watch her go.
We even helped Lily's glowing personality to emerge under the black lights.
We, of course have gotten some cool pics of the girls. Lily on a blanket and towel to catch her constant baby barfs. She's a cutie, though, for sure!
Brooklyn decided I was her new favorite jungle gym- I guess I'll take what I can get :)
Naomi also signed herself, me, and Kevin to run the Trail of Terror 4 mile run on May 15th. So I wrapped up the bum ankle and off we trotted! It was a beautiful trail run up and down lots of hills and through an awesome forest preserve. Both my ankle and Naomi made it through!!!
Standing by the river before the start of the race.
Goofing off along the first half mile of road before we hit the actual trail.
Post run pic! The successful trio of running awesomeness- people are lucky to be graced with our presence. But just remember, there is no charge for awesomeness. Or attractiveness.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tasty Eats

Lately I've felt like trying some new recipes just to change up the normal eats I eat as a single, crazy busy girl :) So here are some of my latest successes! (recipes available upon request!)
Stuffed red bell peppers- quite easy, very delicious, and suprisingly low cal!
Mmmm. Grilling. I love when summer comes around and I can play with fire! Roasted veggies sprinkled with ranch dressing mix or seasoned salt. Tasty :)
My exoeriment today was fresh, homemade salsa. I'd never made it by myself before and didn't really feel like following a recipe so I made it up. Turned out quite well I think!! It's fun to try new things- let me know if any of you have fun recipes for me to try!