Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Week Happenings

Happiness for this week was:
A visit from Dad!! He was in the area for a work conference and we were able to have dinner Tuesday night and lunch on Friday. So glad I was able to have him here for awhile :) Love you Dad!
Going to the temple with Jenn for her first time. Always a special experience and glad I could be there and a part of it.
 Eve, Me, Jenn, and Zach. The temple is always a good place to be :)
 Visiting Great Falls, VA! This was wandering nature trails through beautiful forest and since it wasn't hard core working out, I decided it was okay for Sunday :)
 So I spent Sunday afternoon wandering up and down the VA side of the Potomac viewing the waterfalls...
 chilling with my feet in the Potomac's current...
 and exploring the locks that were part of the C&O canal system. Love the random historical things that are everywhere around here :)
 Just a sampling of the trails I was walking along.
 And some of the wildlife!
Overall, a good Sunday walk and a great end of one week and beginning of another. So excited for my hike later this week to Harper's Ferry. Sometimes I just really love life :)

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