Saturday, December 24, 2011

Zoo With Dawsha

While in AZ for Christmas, Dawsha and I decided to meet up and go to the zoo and lunch!
This is Dawsha in front of the the prarie dogs. Cute :)

I liked this little white bird. I love seeing so many different types of animals!

I always wanted a giraffe. They're just like giant horses...right?

Lions are so regal and awesome looking!

Zebra! Love the strips :)

All in all, it was a pretty fun morning at the zoo, followed by an awesome brazilian all you can eat bbq. Yummo!! Thanks Dawsha for some good memories!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

I Love You Grandma!

My beautiful, wonderful Grandma Marsh got to rejoin my Grandpa and Uncle at the end of November. We had a lovely memorial service and burial out in California this past weekend. It was good to remember Grandma. I love her and will miss her!

Grandma was a WWII vet and was buried in the Santa Nella military cemetery with my Grandpa. She was given full military honors, including a 21 gun salute. So proud of this special lady that made such an impact on my life! I love you Grandma! I'll be seeing you :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Goodbye To Provo

It's hard to say goodbye! I tried to get as much in during my last couple weeks as I could, though there were still plenty of things left undone I'm sure. I did manage to go visit the Roberts and get in one last, memorable ride :) I'm going to miss the outdoors, the farms, and the mountains!Too bad I can't take a horse with me across the country!

I also got to partake of April's yummy kalua pork! Tasty! It was fun having a few girls over and spending time with them :)

Kirsten was a doll and threw me a going away party. Me, Marianne, Abby, Christian, and Melody!

Tamara, Caitlin, Me, Aubry, and Heidi. I'm going to miss all my lovely ladies!

Me and my Adri :) Love ya girl!

Monica and Trey, Kirsten, Me, April, and Alicia. Good times with good people!!

Me, Tiff, and Evie :) My little trouble makers!

Me and Sheryl!! Love love you!!
I also got to get treated to dinner by Scarlett and Jake Uda. Thanks guys! Gonna miss my Uda fam!

I also got to have a last lunch with Kaylan and Courtney. Thanks everyone for making my time in Utah so memorable and full of fun. I'm going to miss everyone there and I can't wait for the day when I come back and visit. I promise it will be soon!! Love you!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Surprise Visit to Chicago!

I decided it would be an awesome idea to surprise Naomi with a visit in Chicago and with the help of my secret keeper Kevin surprise her I did!! I got to spend 2 very busy weeks there and had a great time with the whole Hanks clan :) Above are random shots of everyday life in Chicago.

While there I got to go Geocaching for the first time and it was awesomely fun!! Brooklyn got to hold a caterpillar that we found in the park while looking for our treasure :)

Lily and Brooklyn enjoying the stroller ride through the park.

Throwing rocks into the river was also a crucial part of the adventure in Lily's book :)

And climbing on something high and worrying Naomi was Kevin's :)

Naomi's personal treasure as discovered by Brooklyn- a dirt covered nut :)

This random pic of Lily was one of my favorites!! Naomi and I were putting up Christmas decorations and Lily and Brooklyn decided this box was the best toy ever. Forget buying presents :) She's just so cute!!

While in Chicago I got a call from a hospital in DC. Long story short, after spending a day there and interviewing with them, I was offered and accepted a job at Holy Cross Hospital and will start at the end of Dec/beginning of January. Guess this site will become more common for me!

I flew back from DC and that night we drove from Chicago to Detroit to spend Thanksgiving with Andrew, Sharon, and Eve. By this time, Lily had claimed me as her own and we had many moments like this while chilling around the house :) I loved it!!

Meanwhile Brooklyn claimed Andrew and pretty soon had him doing whatever she wanted. Adorable little manipulator :)

Thanksgiving dinner was a huge affair and mad props to Sharon for her awesome culinary skills. A few of us helped but she was the brains behind the whole operation! Nice job Sharon! So tasty, especially the homemade rolls and the crock pot turkeys. Happiness in my mouth :)

Friday we spend some time at the Ford Museum. They have large displays of every kind of transportation from cars and trains to planes and buggies. Very cool!

After putting the kids to bed that night, the adults got to party with a little fondue action. Yummo!

Before we left the next morning, the girls spend some quality time jumping on the air mattress. No casualties and it was entertaining to watch them!

I got to spend my birthday and a few more days back in Chicago with the Hanks before coming home to Utah. I got treated to an awesome birthday dinner and dessert, and couple of birthday cards from Mom and Grandma, and a present from Naomi that was perfect. I'm going to miss being in Chicago and playing with my girls (all 3 of them!). Thanks so much for a great vacation guys!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

The last couple months have flown by and so much has happened! Here's a quick overview of the highlights!
Shelly got home from her mission in October and I was able to go to AZ to welcome her back! So glad she's home!!

At the beginning of November, Eric got married in Orlando, FL. So I flew out to attend the ceremony and tour a bit of Florida. I got there a day before everyone else and so I took myself out to the Kennedy Space Center. Awesome!!! Above is the building where they assemble the space craft. Everything from the Saturn V rockets in the Gemini and Apollo missions to the Space Shuttles. SO HUGE!!

Me underneath a Saturn V rocket. The center has several different buildings housing different exhibits, machines, and programs.

The main grouping of buildings housed this rocket exhibit, a space shuttle launch simulation- which was the bomb!!!- and an IMAX. The IMAX showcased the Hubble Telescope and showed NASA missions to help deploy and repair it, and then showed several images taken of the universe. It was amazing to see just how small we are and how numerous and beautiful are God's creations :)

In the courtyard they had this rotating sphere with the constellations on it. I want one!

After my visit to the space center, I drove over to Cocoa Beach and the wandered along the shoreline near the pier. I've never been to the Atlantic and it was a bit surreal having the sun setting behind me as I gazed out over the ocean. Fun times!

Saturday Eric and Kayla were sealed in the Orlando temple. The grounds were beautiful and the sealing was quite special. I'm so glad I was able to be there.Eric and Kayla after the ceremony!
Me and the groom! Eric's smiling- he must really be happy :)

After spending the night in Jacksonville for the reception and attending church the next day, I began my own Florida adventure. I drove down to Miami, and the next morning drove out to the Florida Keys and then back up the gulf side of the coast. I didn't stop a lot, but the drive was beautiful and I enjoyed seeing more of the state! Above is a picture I took while driving of the Big Cyprus Preserve- wetlands!! So beautiful!

A little collage of me in Key West. I was at the southern most part of the continental USA! Closer to Cuba than mainland Fl. Crazy :) Loved it all!!! Traveling's the best and coming soon will be my travels through the rest of November!