Monday, December 31, 2012

December 2012

Yay for December!! It's Christmas time and the New Year is coming. I enjoyed celebrating the end of the approaching year with family and friends. Great times for sure :)
 I drove down the MD peninsula to my friend Krista's house and spent and day with her and her family. At the end of the day we went to this farm that goes all out on lights and has different animals for people to see. Loved it!
 My roommate and I also visited the zoo lights in DC. It was fun seeing the different animals portrayed via christmas lights :)
 This coyote definitely helped me feel my western roots!
 Krista and Ryan also came up on night and we went and saw the DC Temple lights. So much fun spending time with them!
 I got to go home to AZ for the week before Christmas. While there, I got to meet up with Caitlin (I forgot to take a picture-sad!), and also my old roommate and friend Dawsha.
 The rest of the time was spent being with my family and I loved every minute of it! It was fun to see how much my little brothers had grown- literally! Spencer's so tall now!
 And of course I was spoiled rotten by my Mom and Dad. I kinda got used to that. Um, can I go back home and have that happen all the time??
I'm so lucky to have the parents I do. I sure do love them!!!
Pretty much I have the best family in the whole world. I missed spending time with Phil and Jenny and Shelly and Ben. But I loved shooting hoops with the Greg, talking with Lydia, and hiding the boys stockings on Christmas morning and watching them hunt for them. I loved playing games and doing puzzles with Mom and Dad and learning more about my family history. I wish vacations didn't have to end! But I'm back in MD and delivering New Year's babys. So bring on 2013; it's gonna be a great year!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Few Pics for Fall

Well I've been a blog slacker and so here's a quick look at my fall through pictures!
 Bethany and I when I was in Provo in August.
 Climbing trees in Kiwanis Park :)
 Pool games with Ben, Shelly, Phil, Jenny, and Spencer.
 Hiking in Provo Canyon in Sept. Love the colors!!
 Me at my favorite spot up Provo Canyon :)
 Andrea and I went camping in Sept in MD. Lots of bugs :P
 And the next day we went hiking. Love the outdoors!
 RS appreciation dinner. Love these girls :)
 Went to NC to visit Eric and Kayla and visited downtown Winston-Salem.
 And played frisbee golf with them for the first time ever. Addicted!!
 Had a goodbye lunch with Andrea :( Gonna miss her cuteness at work!
 Took myself hiking in the Shenendoah's at the end of October.
Got a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday from my parents :) I shall endeavor to do better in the picture taking department for the remainder of the year. Happy Fall!