Thursday, December 1, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

The last couple months have flown by and so much has happened! Here's a quick overview of the highlights!
Shelly got home from her mission in October and I was able to go to AZ to welcome her back! So glad she's home!!

At the beginning of November, Eric got married in Orlando, FL. So I flew out to attend the ceremony and tour a bit of Florida. I got there a day before everyone else and so I took myself out to the Kennedy Space Center. Awesome!!! Above is the building where they assemble the space craft. Everything from the Saturn V rockets in the Gemini and Apollo missions to the Space Shuttles. SO HUGE!!

Me underneath a Saturn V rocket. The center has several different buildings housing different exhibits, machines, and programs.

The main grouping of buildings housed this rocket exhibit, a space shuttle launch simulation- which was the bomb!!!- and an IMAX. The IMAX showcased the Hubble Telescope and showed NASA missions to help deploy and repair it, and then showed several images taken of the universe. It was amazing to see just how small we are and how numerous and beautiful are God's creations :)

In the courtyard they had this rotating sphere with the constellations on it. I want one!

After my visit to the space center, I drove over to Cocoa Beach and the wandered along the shoreline near the pier. I've never been to the Atlantic and it was a bit surreal having the sun setting behind me as I gazed out over the ocean. Fun times!

Saturday Eric and Kayla were sealed in the Orlando temple. The grounds were beautiful and the sealing was quite special. I'm so glad I was able to be there.Eric and Kayla after the ceremony!
Me and the groom! Eric's smiling- he must really be happy :)

After spending the night in Jacksonville for the reception and attending church the next day, I began my own Florida adventure. I drove down to Miami, and the next morning drove out to the Florida Keys and then back up the gulf side of the coast. I didn't stop a lot, but the drive was beautiful and I enjoyed seeing more of the state! Above is a picture I took while driving of the Big Cyprus Preserve- wetlands!! So beautiful!

A little collage of me in Key West. I was at the southern most part of the continental USA! Closer to Cuba than mainland Fl. Crazy :) Loved it all!!! Traveling's the best and coming soon will be my travels through the rest of November!

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