Monday, December 19, 2011

Goodbye To Provo

It's hard to say goodbye! I tried to get as much in during my last couple weeks as I could, though there were still plenty of things left undone I'm sure. I did manage to go visit the Roberts and get in one last, memorable ride :) I'm going to miss the outdoors, the farms, and the mountains!Too bad I can't take a horse with me across the country!

I also got to partake of April's yummy kalua pork! Tasty! It was fun having a few girls over and spending time with them :)

Kirsten was a doll and threw me a going away party. Me, Marianne, Abby, Christian, and Melody!

Tamara, Caitlin, Me, Aubry, and Heidi. I'm going to miss all my lovely ladies!

Me and my Adri :) Love ya girl!

Monica and Trey, Kirsten, Me, April, and Alicia. Good times with good people!!

Me, Tiff, and Evie :) My little trouble makers!

Me and Sheryl!! Love love you!!
I also got to get treated to dinner by Scarlett and Jake Uda. Thanks guys! Gonna miss my Uda fam!

I also got to have a last lunch with Kaylan and Courtney. Thanks everyone for making my time in Utah so memorable and full of fun. I'm going to miss everyone there and I can't wait for the day when I come back and visit. I promise it will be soon!! Love you!!

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  1. Jen, u are such an amazing person and an awesome nurse!!! It still amazes me that we started together on labor and u surpassed me in every way :-) good luck with everything, I know that good things and great opportunities are headed your way. Love- Summer