Friday, September 30, 2011

September Randoms

Thought I'd share, in no particular order, some of the lovely random things I saw and did during September! I went hiking a few times, and towards the end of the month, the leaves started changing color! So pretty!

A few flowers were still blooming too. I like flowers. They make me happy :)

Also did a couple different lunch dates with some girlies from work. This one was a kids included venture that took place at a nearby park. Gotta enjoy the sun before it goes away!

We had a sandwich potluck. Easy clean up! Cute Adri and Aliya in this pic :)

Rachel and Mr Ethan (charolette was being passed around between Caitlin and her daughter)

Caitlin, Leila, Jude, and Charolette :) I think Caitlin would keep that little one for herself if she could.

I did a quick hike to Stewart Falls before work one day. Just had to get out of the house, and with this just 30 minutes down the road it was easy :) Definitely less water than earlier in the summer, but a beautiful hike with the leaves changing colors there too.

Another random lunch/dessert date. I told Tiff I'd take her out for a pre-baby feasting. We ended up at The Chocolate for dessert. Heavenly :)
We had a lovely little Cazookie of awesomeness. I think I shall experiment with making one!

Four beautiful women, one tasty day! Thanks for being my friends guys! And to everyone who didn't make it into the pictures this time be warned, your turn is coming soon :)

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  1. Fun times! Missing you and wishing I could join in on all the fun. Hope you are doing well. Love you Jen!