Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Few Days

So it's a little late, but here's a snap shot of some of my adventures since arriving in Kensington!

This is a picture of the townhome in which I now reside. I live in the basement and it's pretty spacious. I have amazingly wonderful roommates and it's been great being with them :)
I spent an afternoon wandering around "downtown" Kensington. It's actually considered a town and has retained some of that more homey atmosphere with it's antique shops and tea rooms. There's even a cute train station off the side of the road (and it still runs passenger trains-pretty sweet).

For my Lord of The Rings fans- I saw this minature of Minas Tirith in someone's rock garden as I was wandering. Couldn't resist taking a picture :)

My roommates, Eve, and I joined several other ward members in an outdoor ice skating excursion. It's been on my bucket list for some time to do this, and what better place than in the middle of the Smithsonian sculpture garden. I was surrounded by art and architecture and could even make out some stars. It was lovely!

The next day Eve and I went to the International Spy Museum. I can, in theory, now pick a lock, place and monitor bugs, and crawl soundlessly through air ducts. Quite an informative and exciting place to visit. I learned lots!!

I've found some great friends in these new roommates of mine- I think I'll keep them :) Later that night, we even threw an ice cream party for Jenn's (other Jenn- not me) boyfriend. I mostly just helped set up and eat ice cream. Happy days for me :) This week's hospital orientation, which is just information overload, but I'm excited for the weekend and a new adventure!!


  1. Yay! I'm proud of you, and you all of your new adventures. How awesome to ice skate near all that art, super cool!! Loves!

  2. So glad you are settling in and making awesome friends! New adventures are so exciting!

  3. I loved seeing those pictures of kensington. I recognized most of those places because I lived a few blocks from there. Isn't it adorable. I am glad you have great roommates. Which ward are you in?

  4. Its cool that you are hanging out with your roommates so much. I had some roommates that never even said ten words to me the whole time I lived with them! :) You are one lucky gal!