Friday, January 6, 2012

Epic Road Trip!

The day after Christmas, with a VERY loaded down car, I started my epic move across the country to the DC area. I managed to take a picture of most to the state signs as I crossed the border. I don't think I've ever done so many so quickly!!

The drive sort of started a week earlier when I drove from CA to AZ after Grandma's funeral to be home for Christmas. Above is a shot of CA.

The 3 day, nonstop bundle of fun began Dec 26th. I took this one in AZ when I was at a dead stop just outside of Flagstaff for an hour. Love me some traffic delays, but I was lucky enough that my car didn't have problems, so I won't complain :)

Crossing over the continental divide in New Mexico, I was treated to snow covered mountains with the pink rock peeking out from underneath. Lucky, there was never any snow on the roads.

The great plains of Kansas treated me to windmills, and more plains. And then more windmills and more plains :P

A beautiful Tennessee sunrise. I woke up early my last day and couldn't fall back asleep. Kind of glad, because then I was treated to this vista for awhile. I did see some beautiful sights across this country of ours :)

In Virginia I was lots of hibernating trees surrounding little houses and towns. I imagine that it's just full of green in the summer time. I'll hold out for that :) Though there is something about barren trees that is compelling.

I did make it, after 3 very long days, to Kensington, MD. Home of the DC Temple and now this little lady as well. I'm excited to see what things are in store for me here. Oh, and anyone is welcome to visit. Turns out, I've got a lot of space in my room!!


  1. I'll be there in March to share that big bedroom!!!

  2. You live in Kensington!!! I am super jealous!!! Enjoy the DC temple for me!!