Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer hiking adventures!

It's been a rather short and busy summer this year, but I still managed to get out and take a few hikes along the Wasatch front. Unfortunately, my camera was broken for a few of them, but now that it's fixed I've started taking pictures again!! This is the start of our hike up to Big Spring Hollow.

April and I at...Big Springs? There were so many trails in so many directions and not all were very clearly marked. But this seemed like a nice "springy" spot :)

We even got to enjoy some wildlife along our way. Squint and you can make out the wild turkey in the bushes!

The view from the bridge crossing our Big Springs Hollow. I love water!!

My friend, April, and I also hiked to Fifth Water (I think that's what it's called) yesterday and this is us in front of the waterfall!

It was a beautiful hike with lots of wild flowers, running rivers, and green trees. There's a hot springs too at the waterfall, which was quite warm and smelled quite terrible :P But if you could get past the smell, it was all kinds of gorgeous!

April's one hot momma!!

I love the sounds of water! Sometimes I forget how beautiful Utah really can be until I go out hiking. Then I remember why it can be pretty great living here in Provo :)

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  1. Good old Provo! Once again, I am wishing I still lived there so we could go out and play in the mountains together. One day...