Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas With The Fam In Arizona!

Christmas at home this year!! Fun times with the fam :) I wasn't always great at taking pictures, but here are a few to give you an idea of what crazy shinanigans occurred at the end of the last year.
Dad discovered long boarding.
Phil decided to be a deranged lumberjack (it's actually my ax and I'm so excited to chop some wood with it!).
Jenny- the point of sweetness in our rather sarcastic family.
Reading all the books we got for Christmas!!
Since in AZ Christmas is fairly warmish, Shelly Dad and I went on a hike to Picacho Peak. This is the trail starting point.
We kind of wore Dad out just a little, but he kept trucking along. Mostly cuz we made him :) Love you Dad!!
The northern side of Picacho before we crossed to the other side and ascended the peak.
Dad and I at the Saddle.
Did a little rock climbing on the hike :)
The trail is pretty up and down and steep all the way up. Fun times!
The southern side. I love AZ!
So steep they even installed cables to help the weary hiker :)
Shelly and Dad pondering the view from the top!!
Now the actual view :)
Love the AZ sunsets!
The shadow of Picacho on the valley floor. Mmm pretty sunset.

We finished our hike right as the sun finished setting and the moon was ascending over the peak. Such a gorgeous 4 hour hike! Christmas break was great and I'm so glad I got to spend time at home. Love you fam and Happy New Years!!


  1. The fact that you guys are not only hiking, but doing it wearing shorts, is making me choke with jealousy!

    Glad you had fun with the fam for Christmas...although... I did miss you terribly!

  2. your fam looks like so much fun!