Tuesday, December 15, 2009

BIrthday Fun Times

My 27th birthday fell on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so only Lynnell and I were around to celebrate. And this we did by watching BYU defeat the U of U at the football game!! Oh the sweetness of a birthday victory!! Lynnell invited me over to her sister's house after the game, and Cami made me a birthday cake with candles and everything :)
After everyone got back from vacation, we decided to go to the Texas Roadhouse in Lehi for some tasty treats :) This pic is of us before leaving for dinner in front of the Christmas tree we put up. I love Christmas!
Every Texas Roadhouse has a unique mural painted specifically for it. The owners of this one thought that natives were more American than cowboys, and we all agreed :) So this is Lynnell, me, Kaylan, Candace, and Eva. I always forget how pale I am until I see myself in pictures with them. I guess I just think my inner brown should be more obvious than it is :) Thanks for the awesome birthday guys!!


  1. Whoa! Who is that white girl hanging out with you guys? She is WHITE!!!...Oh...My bad! That's YOU! Sometimes I forget that you're not really brown! Still love you. Glad you have awesome roomies to take care of you while I am away and glad you were born love!

    P.S. Thanks for finally posting. Its nice to see some pictures every once in a while!

  2. you are so welcome! :) and dont worry...im right there with you on the pale scale. :P