Saturday, January 16, 2010

Living Legends!!

Since I am in charge of enrichment in my ward and can do whatever I want, I decided that my girls needed to discover their inner brown. That coupled will a large, leftover budget last year prompted me to buy our Relief Society tickets to Living Legends. It was awesome as only Living Legends can be!!! Thanks to all who came and especially to the dancers!! You are amazing!!

The girls with Eva after she beautifully sang Go My Son.
My hooper, Cheyenne, who hit both circles tonight!! Whoot whoot!!
The magic backstage coordinated by our own Lauren :)
Eva!!! Rockin' the dances and shining on stage; she was awesome :)
Jake was full of energy as always and did a spectacular job!!
It's been fun getting to know more people in legends thanks to Eva and Jake. Loving every minute of it and I can't wait to dance my own performances in Luau and Pow Wow this year!!


  1. love the pictures! and AMAZING enrichment idea. :D

  2. NO WAY! Awesomest Enrichment activity EVER! I'm so jealous, I can't remember the last time I saw an LL show.

  3. Dude! That is SUCH A COOL ACTIVITY! I can't believe you got to do that for enrichment. We never have fun activities out here. Glad you got to go.

    P.S. You look SO good in all the pictures!

  4. Wow I bet you had 100% attendance at that one. That would be an awesome activity. I totally agree with Naomi by the way, you look amazing in all the pictures. You are such a pretty girl. Can't wait to see you dance in luau and pow wow too. You're going to do great