Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Last Few Weeks

So the last few weeks I've been crazy busy running from place to place, including AZ! So here are some moments I've enjoyed in February.

Truffle night at Anneke's. We made mint, lime, and cinnamon truffles that were absolutely amazing, especially for chocolate lovers like myself!

Emily's wedding. I flew down to Phoenix and got to attend Emily's wedding in the Mesa Temple. We've gone through elementary, junior high and high school, and then all the way through BYU's nursing program together. Hard to believe we've known each other so long!

While I was in AZ I got to spend time with the family in Gilbert. They're so much fun to be with! This is Spencer, Greg, and I standing outside by the century plant in front of our house. It's blooming this year and I wanted to give an accurate protrayal of it's height. It's huge!
There have been a plethora of weddings that I've gone to lately, but Casey's was special because I got to help Sheryl make her cake! First time I've ever played with fondent, and it was so much fun!
Jenny's birthday was tonight, and we got to go over and eat the cake Phil made for her and have a great time playing with them. My siblings are the best. Happy Birthday Jenny!
And thus ends the crazy month of February!


  1. Mmmmmm cakey me likey! Sorry we couldn't be there to enjoy the lovely looking cake . . . uh, I mean to celebrate Jenny's Birthday! That's the important thing . . .

  2. Man! You're really looking great! All that triathlon training agrees with you! :)