Sunday, March 8, 2009

Smith Family FHE- Let The Craziness Continue!

I've always loved being part of my Smith family, and moving up to Provo when I was in college was so awesome cuz I got to spend even more time with my extended fam. So, when Uncle Glenn and Aunt Connie had the brilliant idea of monthly Smith family FHE's at their house I was thrilled! I have not been disappointed. Spending more time with my crazy fam makes realize how much I love them; and also, how incredibly insane we really all are :)

Typical FHE's include songs, short lessons, and lots of delicious dessert. While we usually spend the lessons interrupting Uncle Glenn by making varioius jabs at eachothers' persons, personality, or generally existence, we do really love spending time together.
And I must admit, I love it when we sing. Most Smiths are born with a natural musical talent. I'm not saying any of us will be the next American Idol, but we harmonize well and it sounds amazing :)

All in all, even though we're completely insane, hopelessly sarcastic, and downright odd my family is the best in the world and I wouldn't trade them for anything!


  1. Interesting that Uncle Glenn waited until I'd left town to start this tradition...hmmm...

  2. That is interesting, Brian...

    I'm certainly glad that I married into the family! Those FHEs look like so much fun!

  3. Oh Man! I'm SO jealous right now! I totally miss going to those FHE's! Mostly to hang out with you...but I kinda miss the other crazies too. Hey! is that a girl Lance is snuggling?!