Monday, February 9, 2009

Night At The Museum

For FHE tonight, our group went to the Museum of Peoples and Cultures just off BYU campus. I have never been inside the museum before, but I did recall having attended a "block party" several years ago during a summer. I love the memory I have of Hoop dancing, making pottery, exploring several exhibits of ancient pottery and arrowheads that were set up outside. As one who once had aspirations of being an archealogist, anything that sparks of ancient sends my mind soaring on wings of fantasy. I love imagining myself back in ancient times, surrounded by the people whose items are displayed before me.

With that in mind, I began my journey into the museum. It's a smaller museum, but displays well several artifacts and exhibits detailing the lives of select Native American tribes. I saw the Kachinas of the Hopi and the Pueblo, experienced that pottery of the Ramos, and learned more about the beauty found in the expressions of Quetzlcoatl. My mind again took flight and joined those ancient peoples as they lived lives ordinary to themselves, but fascinating to me. What would it have been like, I wonder, to live as they did. I'll never know first hand, but I believe my imagination will give the journey a try tonight in my dreams.

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