Thursday, June 19, 2014

January Adventures 2014

January brought a trip to Disney World!! I went with Dawsha and we were joined a few days in by her friend, Allison. It was a party and a half. On our first day, Dawsha and I ventured outside the Disney realm and found ourselves at Hogwarts.
 Spending a day in the life of Harry Potter was a dream come true. Butterbeer, Honeydukes, broomsticks, and dragons. My life is complete :)
 We spent the next week exploring Disney worlds' several parks. We saw shows, rode lots of rides, and ate way too much. Perfect vacation :)
 Our Thunder Mtn ride decided we need a few minutes break along our climb to the top. So we whipped out the cameras for a few maybe not quite sanctioned photo ops.
 On the dinosaur ride. Look close. See no evil, hear no evil, speak on evil. 
 Mickey and Minnie moment :)
 We rode Everest a bunch of times- 3 in a row that morning in the freezing cold. Awesome!
 A little cold, wet, and wind couldn't stop us from having a wonderful adventure. Here's looking forward to the next trip!!
 January was freezing in MD too. So Aubrey and I embraced that and went ice skating outside!
We also got epic amounts of snow for the area and so I made a snow angel. So glad I had a Rav4 to drive in that craziness! Next up, Lydia's visit to DC.

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