Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kayaking with Krista!

Last Friday I had a chance to go kayaking with my friend, Krista. First time going, and I must admit I'm hooked!!
 Here we are all vested up and ready to hit the water. We went in the Chesapeake Bay, near Piney Point.
 Here we paddled amidst the local wildlife. I'd never seen a jellyfish in real life before!
 And when we beached on a sandbar for lunch, we ran into this little guy. He's so cute! I have this thing for turtles :)
 We managed to spend some time swimming around, whilst avoiding the jellyfish. Although our friend Erin did have a little minnow swim down her...well you can guess :)
 Piney Point lighthouse. I love lighthouses!! This one was so picturesque too.
And of course, I had to ring the bell. How could I not when they put that mallet so temptingly close to it?? It was a beautiful day on the water, with great company, and great memories. Thank you Krista!!

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  1. that looks like something Taber would love! He's all about outdoorsy stuff and did a lot of kayaking in AK. Looks like you guys had a blast and saw some pretty cool "creatures" too :)