Saturday, May 12, 2012

Embassy Week!

Embassy week in DC!! Christian and I went down and hit up a few of the European Embassies. So much fun to see so many different cultures-and eating their food was yummo too :)
 Christian in front of the Dutch Embassy. He served his mission in the Netherlands, and to my untrained ears, his accent sounded pretty genuine. He even got interviewed and will soon be on their facebook page!
Tulips in front of the Dutch Embassy. So pretty!
 Christian and the epitome of dutchness- a bike!!
 This one's for you Greg. The UK Embassy had an awesome car display. Gotta love it!
The English phone booth- so Britain :) In all we went and saw Estonia, Croatia, Netherlands, UK, Belgium, and Sweden. A full day of walking and crazy metro riding and totally worth every minute!

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