Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thanksgiving at home, Krista' wedding, and Trip to Texas!

I had to combine 3 events into 1 post because once again I was not so great about taking pictures. But it was because I was way too busy having an amazing time!!
 I loved going home and hanging with the family. It was the parents, me, Greg, and Lydia for Thanksgiving this year. I was in heaven just being there and spending time with each of them.
 Lyd was even my workout buddy after our Turkey Trot 5K. Gotta work those arms and abs!
 My happy Thanksbirthdikkah! Since so many important holidays fell on the same day, I got spoiled with some presents by my family and then a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with candle laden pies for dessert!
 My family-love them!!
 After Thanksgiving at home in AZ, I flew back to DC for my Krista's wedding!! She and Ryan got married in a cute little statehouse in St Mary's Maryland. I feel so blessed for having been there and for being a part of their lives!
 It was fun sitting there with some of the work girls. We really do look so good when we're not in scrubs :)
 Happy Liz and me!
 The week after Krista's wedding I flew to San Antonio to visit Phil and Jenny!
 They took me to downtown San Antonio were we saw the Alamo and walked a large portion of the Riverwalk. So historic and beautiful!
 There were many churches and cathedrals to see along our walk. Phil and I- we're awesome :)
I'm so grateful to Phil and Jenny for hosting me, spending time with me, and for being such wonderful friends to me! I love all my family and I'm so happy I could spend my pre-Christmas vacation time visiting with so many of you!! To all that I haven't seen yet, just wait. Your turn is coming soon :)

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  1. You and Phil ARE awesome! Also...that yoga pose! Girl you were WORKING IT!