Sunday, August 18, 2013


The next stop on our trip was Acadia National Park on the coast of Maine. We got there in the evening and were greeted by the sight of a dazzling moon over the southern coast of the island. Gorgeous!
 We camped on the southern coast and it was blissfully wonderful....even though we woke up with water dripping in after a rainstorm started during the middle of the night :P
 Since it was a little too wet to hike and spending the day in a watery tent didn't seem like fun, Rosie and I decided to drive into the little town of Bar Harbor on the island. The morning rain was pretty heavy, so we spent our time under the umbrella wandering around to different shops and out on the piers.
 The rain and clouds made the mood misty and mysterious. Quite lovely :)
 We even met up with this big guy. Cute little humpback!
 When the rain tapered down a little, we got in the car and drove around the scenic routes circumnavigating the island. We got out at all the scenic points and saw lots of amazing sights. This stop was Sand Beach. That water was some of the coldest I've stepped into, but after while my feet went numb and it was fine :)
 I love standing on the shore and staring out at the ocean. Even though I couldn't see very far because of the fog, it was soothing just to close my eyes and sway to the sound of the waves.
 Happiness is a forest running into the sea :)
 We kept up our journeys around the island and saw many other beautiful sights. The rain added to the loveliness of the plants and flowers.
 And since I love lighthouses, of course we had to hike out onto the slippery rocks in order to see it better! What a job that would be- manning a lighthouse.
 Up a little closer to the light.
 Fun adventures touring the island with Rosie!
 Later that evening we went back into town for dinner. Rosie wanted to try lobster. This is her cracking it open. Absolutely disgusting. It's like someone took a cockroach out the water, steamed it, then added butter. I don't believe in eating anything that ever existed in an exoskeleton. But to each his own. I had a burger. Cow is much better in my opinion.
The next day was sunny in the morning, so we hiked up Cadillac mountain. It's the highest mountain literally on the eastern seaboard. Pretty steep but the views were completely worth it. So gorgeous!!! Couldn't ask to end my Acadia experience on a better note! The rain clouds started rolling in again that afternoon, and they chased us all the way to Canada. More on that with the next post!

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  1. Haha! "Exoskeleton!" You are so funny Jennie! I hope you never get stranded on the ocean with nothing to eat but sea food!