Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Few Pics for Fall

Well I've been a blog slacker and so here's a quick look at my fall through pictures!
 Bethany and I when I was in Provo in August.
 Climbing trees in Kiwanis Park :)
 Pool games with Ben, Shelly, Phil, Jenny, and Spencer.
 Hiking in Provo Canyon in Sept. Love the colors!!
 Me at my favorite spot up Provo Canyon :)
 Andrea and I went camping in Sept in MD. Lots of bugs :P
 And the next day we went hiking. Love the outdoors!
 RS appreciation dinner. Love these girls :)
 Went to NC to visit Eric and Kayla and visited downtown Winston-Salem.
 And played frisbee golf with them for the first time ever. Addicted!!
 Had a goodbye lunch with Andrea :( Gonna miss her cuteness at work!
 Took myself hiking in the Shenendoah's at the end of October.
Got a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday from my parents :) I shall endeavor to do better in the picture taking department for the remainder of the year. Happy Fall!


  1. Oh how I miss hiking with you!!! Looks like you hit up some pretty awesome destinations this fall too. And guess what? I love Frisbee golf too! I think Eric is the one who got Kevin hooked, and then Kevin got me :)The flowers your parents sent you were beautiful! Hope you are feeling better from all the unpleasant things that happened this fall and glad to see that they were all surrounded by wonderful things! Love you Jen!

  2. Did I catch a glimpse of your ecuador purse still in use? If so, that thing has held up really well, those little ladies in Ecuador do good work! Thanks for the Christmas card! It is funny to think back to our GEM days and the Ironwood/ DeGrazia rivalry. Who would have guessed that we would still be great friends after 20 plus years!?! I think you're due for another Pacific Northwest trip this summer!