Friday, April 1, 2011

D.C.- The Collaged Experience

Last week I had the chace to fly out with my Mom to D.C. to visit my aunt, uncle, and Grandma who live back there. And, of course, to sightsee!! D.C. reminds me of the freedoms I enjoy in this country, and the knowledge of ages that can be learned here. I decided the best way to show my experience would be manly in collages. Enjoy!
I know it's not a collage, but Kamehameha cannot be resigned to a collage :) This is in the new visitor's center to the Capitol building.
The Capitol building and the Library of Congress. So beautiful inside and out! The top right 2 pictures are the mural on the underside of the capitol dome. They depict the Apotheosis of Washington- anyone for "The Lost Symbol"? :)
The Museum of Natural History. Love the honu, and the Hope Diamond! That's for you Aubry :)
Air and Space museums. What can I say other than A-Ma-Zing! I really wish I was an astronaut.
Eric (my cousin) and I at the base of the shuttle Enterprise. Just so you can get an idea of the size. It's huge!!
I happened to be there at the openning of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Perfect timing! The trees were blooming along the tidal basin and it was a beautiful walk through the memorials!
Loved my time in D.C.! My aunt kept trying to convince me to move out there. I must admit, the thought has merit. I don't know how I'd fair in the humid summer though :) But I still loved my experience and I'm excited to go back again soon!!


  1. Fun pictures! It was really fun to see you there! Also, if I had looked at your blog again, I would have had the answer to my question - ie or y... :)

  2. WAHOO FOR DC!! Thanks for the jewel pics, LOL
    Worldly of me to love that so much, pretty sure it is. Your post makes me want to go back so badly. I'm glad you had a good time.

  3. Hooray for DC! Glad you had such a good time. We all know a trip like that puts you in your element! Missed talking to you while you were gone though. Hopefully you don't have to work yourself to death now that you're back! Oh! and the blossom pics are amazing! What a great time to be there!