Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Girl's Night Out and Other Random Moments

My wonderful roommates know that the last couple months have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, so this last Friday they decided we needed a girl's night out! They dressed me up (thanks Candace), did my hair (thanks Eva), and then took me on the best date I've had in a while :)
Eva unfortunately had to work, but Kaylan, Candace, and I enjoyed our dinner at Magelby's with dessert being the lovely cake you see before you :) We then went hot tubbing at the gym, and watched a movie. It was nice spending time with the girls!

Other random moments included attending the Living Legends show in February with Eva, Kaylan, Candace, and Michael (who refuses to have a picture taken of himself). It's so fun knowing so many people in the show and picking them out during their dances! I'll be out of town for the March show, so this was the last time I get to see it live this year. Sad days!
The roommies and I have also enjoyed some kitchen experiments. This one was an enchilada type meal, except we used fry bread dough and made our own thick tortillas. Can we say deliciously amazing!!!
The last one is a pic of me, Holly, and Aubry at Holly's farewell party. She up and joined the air force and is at boot camp right now. I don't envy her that one, but wish her all the best!!
I will try to be better about taking pictures- I promise!!


  1. And yes, I am squatting in that last picture because I had heels on and was a good 4-6 inches taller than both my friends :)

  2. Jen! You look FANTASTIC! Sorry about your roller coaster month. But at least you have AMAZING roommates who take good care of you! :)

  3. Looking itty bitty and drop dead gorgeous!!
    I on the other hand could use some work... yipes. Sorry you had to squat, lol