Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Hampshire with Naomi!

Can I just say that I love traveling? Cuz I really, really do :) At the end of September I had the oppotunity to fly back to Chicago and then drive with Naomi, Brooklyn, and Lily out to Nashua, NH where Naomi's sister Becca lives. It was such a gorgeous drive and the girls were great!!We had plenty of rest stops to keep us from going crazy. Some were just road side gas stations, but we also managed to stay a night in Palmyra on the way there and Kirtland on the way back. We showed the girls some of the church history sites and even took a walk through the sacred grove.
The sacred grove is beautiful in fall, with leaves falling everywhere. Amazing!
Once we got to Nashua, Becca made sure we had the time of our lives and took us to one of my new favorite places- an apple picking orchard. The apples there were a-m-a-zing! It's so different having an apple fresh from the tree. I can't complain about the apple cider donuts we ate either :P
Brooklyn especially loved picking apples, though sometimes managed to pull off a little more than she bargained for :P

Naomi and I had another reason for going to NH- we ran in the Applefest Half Marathon! Those pictures to come in another post! But while we were only an hour from Boston, the history buff in me was dying to go see the sites! So Becca graciously agreed to watch the girls, while Naomi and I spent a few hours touring Boston. You're the best Becca!!!
Since we didn't have a lot of time, we decided to walk the freedom trail and see what we could of the city that way. It was so cool to be in places that I'd heard about forever, like Boston Commons, Old North Church, and Bunker Hill. We also took a less historic, but definitely tasty moment to eat lunch in Little Italy. I had the most amazing butternut squash ravioli. Now I need to find a recipe :)
Bunker Hill was probably the most impactful stop on the trail for me. I've always known the story, but until I was standing there by the statue of Colonel Prescott and pretending to fire on redcoats 20 yards away, I didn't realize just how much courgae my colonial ancestors had. 20 yards is close!! But I'm so glad that they chose to fight for freedom and that I live in America today. Amazing city, amazing trip, and as always with my best friend Naomi it was amazing company. Thanks Omi and Becca for the good times. Can't wait to go back again!!


  1. That was an awesome trip! Can't wait to tour the West coast next summer!!!

  2. So fun having you out Jennie! Cool to see your Boston pics too! Looks like you had fun and didn't get too wet with the rainy weather. : ) Glad you guys could do that, Boston is the coolest!