Monday, April 26, 2010

Little Wild Horse Canyon and Goblin Valley- Roadtrip!!

Last week I decided that since most on my roommates were moving, I too needed to get out of Provo. I figured that Goblin Valley was only a few hours away and I always wanted to go there, so it was the perfect one day get away :) Unfortunately, I sprained my ankle on Friday so I couldn't run around as much as I wanted- in fact I gimp-hobbled my way through everything. But I've never been one to do the prudent thing and stay home, so away I went!
I first stopped at Earlene's house in Emery and she showed me around the town and their farm on their dune buggy. It was awesome! I've never really been in a little town like that :) I then finished my drive and decided to "hike" through Little Wild Horse Canyon before continuing on to Goblins.
Little Wild Horse is a slot canyon, so it gets very narrow and has the coolest formations. I actually did slip through all these little spaces :)
Me squeezing through the canyon.
I just love this slot canyon- little waves of color and rock everywhere. Of course, I kept looking at everything with a rock climber's eye: maybe if I grabbed here, I could reach to there... I really wanted to climb the walls!
I played with the timer function on my camera and got a few shots of myself.
Probably I had a little too much fun with it :)
After a while the canyon narrowed too much for me to continue hobbling over rocks, so I drove a couple miles down the road to Goblin Valley!
Goblins are cool formations left behind from the time when this was a tidal flat of a large, inland sea. I like them cuz they have so much character :)
Me and the Goblins. There weren't very many people there at that time, so I actually wandered around surrounded by silence for the most part. It was very peaceful :)
I liked this guy especially. He's actually really huge when you're standing next to him. It was a great adventure and wonderful to leave Utah valley for a day. Next time I go I'll make sure I'm not a gimp so I can hike everywhere and climb a few walls!


  1. Oh MAN! I was right...I'm jealous. I really miss hiking. Looks like you had fun and I'm glad you managed to take pictures with you in them. My favorite was the one with the boulder falling on you! Ha HA! Love it! Call me sometime and I'll tell you a funny story about the last picture you posted...he he he!

  2. Wow! So beautiful! Is that in Utah? Man, you gotta love Utah and all it's amazing geography! Glad you had fun and hope your ankle gets better soon!

  3. you and your looks like fun! glad you got to get out of the house. :)