Monday, October 12, 2009

Best Trip Ever with Naomi!!! Part 3

So for Part 2 just look at Naomi's blog :) On to part 3!

We arrived in Cornwall, VT at night on Thursday and when we got up in the morning we finally got a good look at the cute house in which we were staying :) The couple running the B&B fed us a yummy breakfast, told us good places to ride our bikes and off we went!

It was the first sunny, no rain day Naomi and I had seen on our trip and we took full advantage of it by venturing out to see some of the covered bridges in the area.

This is my attempt at taking pictures while riding my bike :)

Covered bridges of Addison County!

After some bike riding, Naomi and I decided we were in need of some sustinence. What better place to find that then the Ben and Jerry's factory near our next stop in Stowe, VT?!

Happy cows are found in VT and they really do make the best ice cream!

Saturday it was raining again, of couse, so before conference instead of biking, Naomi and I found a glassblower to go watch for awhile. It was so awesome!!

And this is what he was making- a pumpkin!

In between conference sessions on Saturday it was still drizzling, so Naomi and I decided to drive from our Inn in Stowe up to Smuggler's Notch on Mt Mansfield. It was gorgeous!

In order for Naomi to actually feel like she was on a really hiking trip, I pulled a Kevin and climbed on top of some boulders to shoot a few pictures of the mountain side :)

Sunday morning was finally nice enough again for biking, so Naomi and I decided to bike the area around Stowe earlier in the morning before we had to head south toward Manchester. There weren't too many people around, so we had the roads pretty much to ourselves :)

We then started south toward Manchester, and following the backroads route that my friend Chris told us about, we found Moss Glen Falls!

We stayed in Manchester for the night, then started the long trip back to Ann Arbor to pick up Brooklyn. We decided to find Harmony, Pennsylvania on our way to see the Susquehanna site. There was a beautiful monument commemorating the restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood.

We also saw the cornerstones of the house Joseph and Emma Smith lived in while in Harmony. This is where Joseph translated the majority of the Book of Mormon.

The banks of the Susquehanna River!

After we picked up Brooklyn and stayed the night at Brian and Natalie's (thanks guys), we were fed an awesome pancake breakfast and then headed back to Chicago. We decided we missed Kevin, and so we all went to Carraba's the night before I headed back to UT :)

I got to spend Wed with Omi just lounging around and talking and then I had to come back to UT to earn more money for my next trip to Chicago. I already miss Naomi but we really did have the best trip ever!!! Can't wait for our next adventure :)

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