Wednesday, August 5, 2009

July In Pictures

For three weeks in July I was on the USNS Comfort providing health care to the people of Nicaragua, with an ending liberty port in Panama! I met so many amazing people and saw a plethora of beautiful sites. So here's some of my trip in pictures :)
Samuel, my little friend on shore in Nicaragua.

Friends, co-workers, and patients on board!

Yes, I drove the ship and we didn't crash! Then I got really sweaty working out with Rachel.

My rack, the Diablo Rojo bus, Panama Temple, and the Bridge of the Americas.

Our ship the Comfort!

Being constantly surrounded by beauty for 3 weeks definitely spoiled me! With such gorgeous views it was hard to come back :)


  1. What a great experience! You look beautiful, too!

  2. Oh MAN! Jennie! You are SO amazing!!! Not a lot of people have done so much good with their lives by our age. And you look beautiful while doing it. Sure miss you!

  3. Sweet Pics! What a fun adventure you had!

  4. Jennie! You are amazing and My HERO!!! I can't believe you got to do all that. The pictures are incredible, what an experience. Seriously, you rock. (oh yeah, and you're hot, even in the sweaty picture ; )