Saturday, June 6, 2009

So I've Been A Little Lax Lately...

And haven't posted anything for awhile. But here are a few photos to highlight the events of the last few months :)

My best friend in the world finally came back from Chicago to visit! Some say she really came to run the triathlon we signed up for, but I'm pretty sure she just wanted to play with me :)

One of our outings consisted of me, Naomi, Brooklyn, Sara, Noa, and Liz hiking up to Battle Creek Falls. Brooklyn was cute (it's true- I actually like her now) because Naomi and I were holding her hands and she would say "2" to let us know she wanted to be carried between us up the trial :)

Sara and Noa had fun playing in the cold water. And by fun, I mean that Sara put Noa's toes in and he kept trying to pull them back out. It was fun for me anyway.

I channeled Kevin and climbed out over the middle of the water on a tree so I could take some pics. I don't think it would have been a true hike for Naomi without someone climbing something :)

One day Naomi introduced me to Yamoto's, which is freakin awesome and if anyone ever wants to get Japanese food I'm so there! It is here that we gave Brooklyn her first fencing lesson. If she goes pro, I taught her everything she knows :)
Naomi and I decided to pamper ourselves before the race, so after Yamoto's we dropped Brooklyn off with Craig and Sarah (thanks guys!) and went and got pedicures. It was my first one ever-fun times!
Race day. It was freezing outside before we started the race. Thank goodness the pool was heated!
Naomi and I are 2 buff dudes after finishing the triathlon! Thanks for the support Sara and Mom and Dad Uda!
After Naomi went back to Chicago (sob :( ) I worked a bit and then headed down to AZ for Greg's graduation from high school. Now, since it's AZ, it is of course held outdoors. Well, this year it rained...the whole time. So we might have gotten just the tiniest bit wet :P

The boys and Jenny after Greg officially finished high school. I think he's happy. Does his grin look happy? Maybe just a little bit...
We did a couple other fun things while home too. We went to a water park one day and spent 4.5 hours in the sun, in the middle of the day, in 100+ degree weather. Do I even look like I've gotten a little color? No. Not even a little bit.
Dad also took us bowling one day. Jenny did great and bowled a personal best. I think I bowled a personal worst, but I still had fun!

Grandma and Grandpa Smith came down for Greg's graduation, and on Memorial Day they treated us to dinner. They're totally awesome!

And that sums up the last several weeks. Stay tuned for my Washington trip pictures in which I will travel to the exotic land of Forks and try to find myself a Jacob Black. Or at least a really pretty beach to run on :)


  1. Good pics! Muchos kudos to you for finishing the triathlon...though after a marathon, I'm sure it was just a walk in the park!

  2. Hooray for us and all our good times! That sure was fun to hang out with you for all that time! Miss your guts already and wish I was going to Forks with you...but not to find a Jacob Black... I like my little white boy!

  3. You mean you used to NOT like Brooklyn!! So haven't seen you in a while. I'm guessing its cause Naomi isn't here and Liz is gone now too. Just so you know, you can still stop by. We live at my parents house. You need to come check out the basement. We remodeled it!